A Summer Guide to Holidays on the Maltese Islands

by Kristina Cassar Dowling
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They say Malta’s waters are a clear azure blue, the sand a roasted brown hue, the sun bold and ample; covering the tiny lands of Malta, Gozo and Comino with a golden radiance that bounces off the shimming Med or the towering bastions along the shoreline. Well, the rumours are true travellers, the Maltese islands are pure bliss and ready to accommodate you for all your entertainment, culture and adrenaline needs.

But don’t be fooled, there’s more to Malta than just the beach and sea. Once you start exploring the island you’ll soon figure out if you’re a hiker, a diver, a party-goer or a culture buff –  and that there’s always something to fill your schedule on our historical rocks.

Entry Requirements to Visit the Maltese Islands

If you’re planning to travel to Malta, you might want to check the entry requirements before you start planning your trip. The island is part of the European Union and also a Schengen Area, which might affect your entry or make it even easier.

Travellers that are part of either of these groups will be able to enter the country immediately upon verification of a valid EU Identity Card or Passport. But if you’re travelling from the UK you will need to present a valid passport, and be able to travel for 90 days without a visa (due to new Brexit rules).

Travellers from the USA will also be able to travel for 90 days without a visa. If you are a US citizen you will need to make sure that your passport is valid for up to 3 months upon leaving from your last Schengen connecting flight back to the US.

Malta’s Open Mindness: The LGBTQI+ Community

A million dollar question if you’re a member of the community: is Malta safe for LGBTQI+ people? In short, yes, Malta is a safe space for members of the LGBTQI+ community; in fact Malta is the highest European country on IGLA’s list for a number of reasons.

In recent years, Malta has been turning up the heat on homophobia and all xenophobic behaviour. While there are rare instances of bad behaviour angled towards the community, the streets, clubs and cultural scenes are very gay-friendly; embracing truth, pride and individualtiy – albeit a very religious country.

Travelling around Malta, Gozo and Comino as a gay person is a norm in the country and rather friendly and welcoming in general. Crime is either low or non-existent – of course, always make sure you’re safe, your belongings are always secure and that you travel with a buddy at night, whenever you can.

Travelling with your Pet to Malta

Travelling with your pet to Malta is totally OK, granted they have a pet passport and are up-to-date with all their shots and vaccinations. Your pooch will also need to be microchipped before entering Malta.

Your dog, cat or even your ferret can travel commercially within 5 days of the pets owner (or responsible carer’s) arrival at the Malta International Airport. You can also travel cross-country and find your way to Maltese shores via the Sicily-Malta crossing Ferry.

And speaking of Malta’s shores; why not take your pooch to a dog-friendly beach to splash around in the summer heat? There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Malta and Gozo, but the best dog-friendly beaches are definitely Imgiebah Bay in Selmun, Malta and Horizon Bay in Xwejni, Gozo.

Different airlines offer different travel requirements for pets, so confirming your pet travels to Malta with your chosen airline could unravel a lot of your unanswered questions. This guide from AirMalta will help you understand if your pet will be carried on as a passenger cabin, taken aboard your flight with your checked-in baggage or even held in cargo.

Best Things to Do in the Maltese Islands

Travelling around the Maltese islands requires a good pair of shoes, a big bottle of water, some sun cream and a fully charged camera. You’ll fall upon so many quaint and unique features that scream “Malta” as you wander through the narrow streets of Mdina, sip at a cocktail at the Sliema promenade or enjoy a sunset boat tour with Filfla in the distance and a ftira in your hands? – all of which will give you a truly authentic Maltese islands experience. But every good adventure starts with a full belly – at least that’s the Maltese way..

Take your Tastebuds on an Epic adventure with Maltese Cuisine

The Maltese love their food, in fact there are so many restaurants on the island, you’re often spoilt for choice. From the crème de la crème of Michelin-starred restaurants in the capital of Valletta or the traditional eateries that will always make your heart sing with memories of your nanna’s (grandmother’s) kitchen or my favourite – and the perfect on-the-go solution… street food!

  • The Street Food Scene: Malta’s street food scene is buzzing, from the traditional and super cheap pastizzi (savoury cheese or pea cakes) or the local ftira (tuna roll) to the outrageous food truck creations prepared by the most passionate of business owners, Saigon and The Pizza Wagon are amongst the best on the rock! But if you want a full breakdown of the Traditional Street Food Malta has to offer; check out our drool-worthy compilation!
  • The Restaurant Scene: for something a little more upscale – perhaps with seating and waiter service – the options are uncountable. So whether you’re after the most Instagram-worthy shot, a taste of Malta’s traditional foods or a quiet place to enjoy the scenery and take in the culture; food is always a possibility in Malta. Our extensive list of the Best Restaurants in Malta and Gozo will give you a little motivation perhaps.
  • The Michelin Stars: boy did the stars align for Malta’s restaurant scene; the Michelin Guide made their way to our little rocks and hailed 23 restaurants worthy of Guide-status, 3 ready for their Bib Gourmand and 5 almighty restaurants in serious need of 1 Michelin Star. Some of the best from this list include Noni, Under Grain, De Mondion and many others that you can find in our list of Malta’s Michelin Restaurants.

There’s no wrong time to eat in Malta, you are guaranteed to find a fragrant plate of shellfish pasta, a cheesy, greasy pastizz tal-irkotta (savoury cheesecake) or a fabulous cut of prime beef at any time of the day. It’s no wonder the locals need some downtime at the beach on the daily.

Explore the Coastline: Malta and Gozo’s Best Beaches

The beaches in Malta and Gozo are some of the best highlights of the island cluster. Whether they’re rocky or sandy, the glow of the sun hits the shores just right and the glimmer of the cyan, turquoise and azure is just so inviting.

  • The Sandy Beaches: if you’re into building sand castles and lying idly on the hot warm ground beneath you, the sandy beaches of Malta are worth a visit! The shallow waters make it easy to walk into, so they’re just perfect if you’re travelling with younger kids, older relatives or even those who may need some accessibility help to the water.
  • The Rocky Beaches: if you prefer not to get your toes covered in sand, the rocky beaches of Malta and Gozo are just as fun and great places to rent a kayak and get some water sports on your agenda. The best beaches are in the north of the island, but there’s a coastline everywhere – if you see locals swimming about, it’s probably safe to swim!

Malta and Gozo’s beaches are free to use and are intended to be enjoyed by all, so make sure you pick up your rubbish before you leave and respect the Med in all its turquoise glory! Check out our list of our favourite beaches in Malta and Gozo – the top splash zones to enjoy on your cultural city break in the Mediterranean.

Explore the History: Malta and Gozo’s Top Cultural Spots

If you think of Malta’s past, you’ll pretty much figure out that the islands culture, heritage, traditions, language and cuisine all stem from our rich and varied history. From the megalithic temples of Hagar Qim and Ggantija to the various Catacombs and Cathedrals, Museums and Galleries – the cultural stem of Malta is always thriving and ready to give you the full experience of Maltese identity.

Best Maltese Party: The Village Festa

But understanding Malta’s quirky, elaborate and sometimes over-the-top character is best described through the festa tar-rahal (village feast). Each dedicated to the patron saint, or saints, of the area, the festa is all about having a good time with your fellow villagers in the square.

The locality is decorated in flags, banners, lights and statues to ensure the setting is as celebratory as ever. Apart from being a great excuse for teens, young adults and even the young at heart to pop open a few Cisk cans, it is also a religious celebration that is generally carried out in collaboration with the village church and supported by the local council at times too.

Every summer weekend in Malta features a festa and should most definitely feature a festa doughnut to make sure the sweet times keep rolling in! But when you need that sweet escape from reality, there’s only one cure… a diving session!

Explore the Seas: Malta and Gozo’s Top Diving Spots

Malta and Gozo might have tonnes of amazing sites to see on land but below our Mediterranean waters is another treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Scuba diving in Malta and Gozo provides some of the best underwater scenery in the world; so gear up and get going!

  • Get Licensed to Dive: getting yourself a PADI licence in Malta is a great idea, especially if you’re spending an extended time here. There are many great diving spots on the island, from beginner training to professional reefs. One of the best diving spots for beginners is definitely in Wied iz-Zurrieq. Explore the Reefs: one you get your diver’s feet, you ‘ll want to try out new exciting spots such as the ample reefs that adorn our underwater world. Reqqa Reef is a great spot to visit while Fortizza Reef is an exciting yet easy shallow dive.
  • Explore the wrecks: what’s a diving session without a wreck, huh? Well, luckily Malta was heavily bombed and attached throughout its history, so there are plenty of wrecks to check out under the glistening surface of the Mediterranean sea; the Statue of Christ Wreck in Qawra is porbably the most iconic of all Maltese Wrecks – so be sure to check it out.

If you’re really into diving and want to discover all that Malta, Gozo and Comino have to offer underwater, check out our Best Diving Spots list for a super diving overload!

Malta and Gozo’s Best Hikes for Beginners and Pro-Hikers

The rocky cliffs of Malta make for the perfect secluded beaches, exciting dive spots and even scenic spots to catch the sunset – but they’re also ideal for hikes.

  • The Cliffs of Malta & Gozo: it’s quite obvious that hiking in Malta and Gozo can easily be achieved since the coastline is towered by sea-bearing cliffs that captivate anyone who cares to look, the walks in Malta and Gozo can get quite exciting with the perfect sunset, the possible dolphin spotting in the summer months and of course the endemic garigue that flowers on the rough stone beneath your trekking boots. Head to Sannap Cliffs in Gozo for the ultimate view and sunset experience.
  • The Trails of Comino: have you ever hiked around an entire island? Well, given that Comino’s size is as diminutive as it gets, you can easily make your way around the entire coast of Comino, enjoy the views of Gozo and Malta along the way and hopefully cool off with a dip in Blue Lagoon when you’re done with the walking tour!
  • The Natural Parks: although Malta’s woodland areas are rather non-existent compared to Europe’s woody wonders, Buskett Woodlands, Natura 2000 and select protected areas in Malta make for a pleasant walk or hike around the area.

Check out our blog on the best Hiking Spots in Malta, Gozo and Comino for a guide on the walk, a heads-up on the fitness level needed and how long you should expect to be trekking for.

Catch a Wave with Malta and Gozo’s Sailing Options

Water leisure is a big part of Maltese culture, our iconic luzzu (traditional fishing boat) is perhaps the cutest thing you’ll ever see in Mediterranean shores – unless a dolphin or sea turtle accompanies your trip! But if you’re looking for something glamorous or even a little extra, why not explore Malta’s coastline via sailing boat?

Take in the islands from a completely unique viewpoint; wind blowing through your hair, seaspray hitting your prosecco glass as you cruise on to your next azure setting.

Horse Riding in Malta and Gozo: Watch the Sunset on Horseback

Malta’s relationship with horses is slightly confusing. You’ll very often see horses with carriages strapped to their backs, taking eager tourists around the cities of Valletta, Birgu and Mdina – a traditional feature to the islands that is called the karozzini. The race track in Marsa is also quite popular, but perhaps the most popular ‘form’ of horse appreciation in Malta is through the culinary world – horsemeat is a big staple in Malta and can be found in our traditional restaurants where rabbit and snails are generally also served.

But if you’re hoping to get a nice relaxing sunset horseback ride in Malta, you’re also in luck! There are horse riding schools that will be able to set you up with the right gear, the right horse and the perfect setting! Head down to Golden Bay to experience this fairytale trot along the shores as the sun sets over the horizon!

Quad Biking in Malta and Gozo

Travelling around Malta is all about being free and enjoying the scenes – and the best way you can do that is to rent yourself a quad bike and dive to your heart’s content! There are so many routes you can take and so many undiscovered spots you can see. So buckle up and rev your engine, it’s about to be a bumpy ride!

  • Quad Biking in Malta: a quad bike adventure in Malta is limitless, you can get on your bike, drive from Fomm ir-Rih to Popeye Village and take the back roads for the majority of the way! There are paths that lead you through Rabat’s Tas-Salib area where Gnejna Bay in Mgarr is a country road away. It’s spectacular and oh so freeing!
  • Quad Biking in Gozo: your quad tour in Gozo will take you to spots such as Qala to get a quick glimpse of Comino in all its glory, followed by a swing to Ramla l-Hamra for the best sandy-beach vibes in our collection, a stop by the capital of Victoria, then Marsalforn Salt Pans and Dwejra – ending the tour with a skip to Xlendi, the most perfect seaside village in Gozo.

Want more? No problem! Here are 3 Unique Activities to Try in Malta

There are so many things to do and see in Malta even though our islands are super small in size! Great things come in little packages and Malta is stacked with entertainment options to really give you that Maltese island experience!

Here are 3 unique activities that might be right up your alley:

  1. Rock Climbing: check out Gebla for an indoor experience of rock climbing if you’re a newbie or need some practice runs before you take on the outdoors and Malta’s cliff-sides.
  2. Outdoor Camping: while there’s no real ‘wild’ camping in Malta, you can set yourself up with a tent and a cooler and expect to have sea views as your backdrop for this back-to-nature adventure. If you’re up for a few more perks in your camping experience, why not try your luck at a Malta VanCation?
  3. Extreme Sports: whether it’s water sports with light surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding or parasailing or classic BMX or skateboarding, Malta’s extreme sports culture is quite active if you get to the right places.

Keep your Kids Happy: Best Things to do in Malta with Children

Travelling with kids is always an adventure in itself and the key trick to keeping the holiday mode in full swing is to keep the children entertained or engaged at all times, if possible. There are so many options to choose from when travelling in Malta or Gozo, and while most of the activities are water-based in the summer, you can still find a bundle of fun and exciting activities to enjoy throughout the year!

Popeye Village: the site of an old movie set that was shot in Malta today stands as a colourful and entertaining spot for young’uns and oldies to enjoy. While the grown ups walk through an old scene of Popeye’s Village, kids are transported into a magical and engaging environment, even brought to life with live actors who include guests in their song and dance throughout the tour. This is a great spot to stop at on your beach-hopping days in the north, Popeye Village is set in the tranquil Anchor Bay.

Playmobil Fun Park: if your kids are into Playmobil, then the Fun Park in Birzebbuga is one to stop by for a ‘quick’ visit. You know the saying ‘like a kid in a toy store’ – this is it folks, but there’s a lot of playing and only some optional buying involved on this outing. The big castle houses a myriad of fun features including building tables, obstacle courses and climbing areas to make the most of the time spent in the Playmobil Fun Park.

The National Aquarium: from jellyfish to sharks, a friendly albino stingray called Casper and even Nemo and Dory lookalikes, the National Aquarium of Malta is found in Qawra and can provide you with a good 2hr break from the sun that’s fuelled by educational talks, fun feeding schedules that you can watch and of course a kaleidoscope of colour seen through the beautiful marine life within the facility. There’s also a Water Obstacle Course that you will spot as you walk along the promenade from Qawra to Bugibba, and a Water Park in Bugibba too!

Esplora: if your kids are into space, the stars and beyond then a trip to Esplora is exactly what you need. The magical universe that awaits you is decked out with a Planetarium and Science Theatre that will skyrocket you to a whole new sphere! This education and interactive experience is all about exposing young minds to the wonders of our planet and galaxy; there’s a lot to explore and fun for kids and adults alike.

Best Places to Visit in the Maltese Islands

If you’ve done a fair bit of research on the Maltese islands, you’d be quick to learn that culture, history and overall geek-factor can very easily be achieved on this rock cluster in the Med. From the prehistoric remains, to historic houses, modern museums and the arts in general, Malta is properly equipped to deliver all the cultural needs to the more sophisticated of locals and travellers alike.

Whether it’s theatre, an exhibition or a site visit to the ways our ancient ancestors lived, here are some of our favourite spots to look out for and add to your visit:

Ggantija Temples

There are quite a few megalithic structures scattered across the Maltese islands; but the beautiful structure that adorns Gozo’s Xaghra is one to visit. Ggantija Temples are Neolithic structures that were built between c.3600 and c.3200 BC and are available for public viewing for a mere fee of €10 per adult.

This archeological site is one of many in Malta and can be enjoyed via guided tour or solo exploration. So if you’re looking to discover the roots of Malta, the heritage and the historical worth of the island cluster, start with Ggantija and discover an age older than the pyramids of Egypt.

National Museum of Archaeology

The National Museum of Archaeology is one that will open your eyes to the ways in which our ancestors used to live, work and adorn their loved ones in their life on earth as well as in their afterlife. The National Museum of Archaeology can be found in Republic Street Valletta and holds artefacts such as sarcophagi, weaponry, costume and even artworks that were prevalent in the Neolithic Period, the Bronze Age as well as the Phoenician Rule.

Discovering the rooms of this wonderfully kept Baroque building, that is in itself a historical treasure, is akin to the happiest child running through a toy store – except for grown-ups and with art and historical gems.

Ghar Dalam

Ever wondered what life was like in the Ice Age, well, while many can only but wonder, the sites of Ghar Dalam – an underground cave in Malta – hold wonders such as preserved dwarf elephants, hippos and deer, all of which were active on land during Malta’s Ice Age. If you’re up for an underground adventure, the fossils and prehistoric specimens beneath ground have been highly taken care of for your entertainment and educational pleasure!

The oldest site in Malta and one that was even inhabited by humans up until 1911, Ghar Dalam, was a resting place for many and now serves as one of the most celebrated features of Malta’s prehistoric culture!

St Paul’s Islands

There are so many clusters of rock that make up the archipelago nation that many call home, but perhaps the most beautiful of all has to be Malta’s St Paul’s Islands. Whether you’re enjoying their glory from land; as the sun sets over the uninhabited rocks or exploring the cliffs by boat; these islands are said to have been named after the religious event of St Paul’s Shipwreck that took place in, you guessed it… St Paul’s Bay.

There’s said to be a sandy beach patch somewhere along the island too, so if you are a patient kayaker or ready to rent a boat from the nearby beach kiosks, you’ll surely have a sunbathing or snorkelling experience to remember!

Buskett Woodlands

Due to the scorching heat and the not-too-wet winters; Malta is not very much known for its forests and woods; however, during the reign of the Knights Hospitaller of St John, the rulers’ need for a hunting ground led them to cultivating land for a backyard forest – primarily to hunt rabbit in.

Buskett is packed with beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees and bushes all of which are important to Maltese flora. The varieties in vegetation provide blending colours of greens, oranges and reds that meld together for that true woodsy feeling! Buskett is the perfect for an afternoon walk in the cooler months!

Tal-Mixta Cave

Have you heard of Ramla l-Hamra, the bay in Gozo with sand the colour of the sun? Yes, right? So what about taking a sneak peak and that perfect Instagram shot from a super ideal destination? Tal-Mixta Cave is wonderful beyond means if you’re into picturesque views and jaw-dropping scenery.

Knowing that your next adventure in Gozo is about to be the glory of Ramla Bay is awesome enough, but getting a teaser like this is well worth the quick pitstop! Remember to keep your wits about you, but don’t leave without that stunning shot!

Best Vacation Spots in Malta

Vacationing in Malta, Gozo and Comino is a great adventure full of excitement and entertainment, and because of its teeny, tiny size, you can pretty much stay wherever you want and adventure from point to point in under an hour every time! But if you’re planning to make your summer holiday on the Maltese islands as great as it can be, your location is such an important factor; so here are our top 6 spots to call home during your visit!

Island of Gozo, Xlendi Bay

Gozo is the greener, cleaner, hippier, more laid back version of Malta and features some of the most idyllic spots on the islands, with a list of super things to do in Gozo. Choosing the best place in Gozo is a long-shot, but perhaps the most stunning for its sunset views and evening trips to the open-waters followed by a good meal in a good restaurant… Xlendi.

The cliffs, the charm, the locals, the tourists – Xlendi is a picture perfect site that will make your heart skip a beat as you finish off a plate of fresh shellfish pasta as the sun sets in between the valley cliffs; the horizon engulfing the summer heat. How about this view just before bed, or first thing in the morning? Xlendi hotels are right on the water’s edge, while rental apartments set on the cliffs will blow you away instantly.

Island of Comino, Camping Site

Yes, you read that title correctly, staying in Comino requires some hardy gear, some good quality mattresses and a couple extra litres of water for the island visit. But… if you’re up for a camping adventure, waking up to the views of Comino is not something you should think twice about!

Since the best things to do on Comino can typically be done in a day visit, your stay on the smallest of the Maltese islands will be spent in utter relaxation and tranquillity! Imagine waking up and taking your morning dip in the Blue Lagoon, before any charter boats make their way to this wonderland that has just served as your backdrop for the day prior! There are a couple of hotels on Comino, but they are currently being renovated for a bigger and better Comino experience.

The Walled City of Valletta

You cannot visit Malta and avoid Valletta, not only because it’s the capital of the island, but also because it’s damn beautiful! The history of the city seeps out of the fortifications, the culture spews through every cathedral and the pride, honour and passion for the city is juggled by every local who’s called Valletta their home throughout the years.

There are so many boutique hotels to choose from, larger hotels and even rental choices to call your own for your Malta visit. If you can get hold of a room with a view, the Grand Harbour is not that shabby, and neither is a view of Triton’s Fountain if you’re lucky enough! There are tonnes of things to do in Valletta, fine dining, theatre and museum visits are just a few!

Mdina, the former Capital of the Islands

The Medina, the old city, the home of Malta’s best chocolate cake and some creepy dungeons; calling Mdina your home, even for a week, is an honour and privilege for any local, so be sure to embrace the unique and absolutely stunning views, features and glamour of your visit!

Famous for its resilience in the 1565 Great Siege of Malta versus the Ottoman Empire, Mdina’s tall bastions stand proud as you rest your phone and grab a shot of the spectacular panoramic views! There are tons of fun things to do in Mdina, with stand-out cultural trips to Palazzo Falson as one of the highlights!

Mellieha, Hilltop Luxury with Beach Views

Staying in Mellieha can present you with a whole lot of luxury – depending on which area you choose to rent in. If you’re after a lush villa with views of Ghadira Bay, then Santa Marija Estates will make for the perfect palace to rest your head.

If you want to set yourself up with short walks from your hotel to the sea, there are plenty of good hotels along the promenade that will catch your eye! Most of the best things to do in Mellieha are shaped around the sea, but if you want to see something special that not many locals even know about; visit the small underground church beneath the local parish – and while you’re there look directly across through the valley and check out the cliff caves!

Siggiewi, for a Rural Visit and True Maltese Vibe

Small in size, but rich in culture, Siggiewi is one of the rural areas in Malta that kept tradition alive. Its archeological worth helped in that aspect greatly too; much like Xaghra Gozo’s Ggantija, Siggiewi’s Hagar Qim welcomes many visitors per year for its megalithic wonder and historical worth upon the islands.

Siggiewi is also a stone’s throw away from Blue Grotto and Wied iz-Zurrieq, two beautiful seaside areas that offer clean open-waters ideal for days of snorkelling, boat trips and guided tours as well as some of the freshest seafood around in the areas’ restaurant scene! Check out our full list of the best things to do in Siggiewi.

Clubs, Pubs and Bars: Cheers to Malta’s Nightlife

What’s an island cluster without a thriving nightlife scene? Pretty boring for those thrill seekers and mixology aficionados. But luckily, Malta’s cocktail menu is vibrant, buzzing and innovative! There are many types of people in the world out there and luckily there are many types of entertainment options to keep you well… entertained! Here are some of our favourites!

Best Bars in Malta; for when a Drink is Needed!

Chilling at a bar with your friends is always a good idea. In fact it’s one of the best remedies to a lousy day at the office, a fight with your roommate or simply because you’re on holiday and you deserve a drink, stat!

From craft beers to creative cocktails, here are the top 3 you should visit:

La Luz Bar, Sliema

Home to some of the finest mezcal and some tasty tacos, this Sliema stop is all about character, attitude and spirit(s)! Follow the light into the quirky Mexicana outlet that is adorned with some of the most interesting artworks, playlists and lighting! Make sure you get yourself a table in the back where you’ll take your spiritual steps into the cocktail heaven that is ¡La Luz!.

Hole in the Wall Pub, Sliema

Another Sliema treasure that offers a different vibe that’s slightly more chill and a lot more relaxed. This place is great for a quick stop by, a couple of local craft beers and a cheesy toastie. Home to Tuff Cider, this spot is a 1922 gem but has been spruced up nicely to feature an area for live music, pub events and a general fun time! Hole in the Wall is a great place to unwind in the evening!

Trabuxu Wine Bar and Bistro, Valletta

You might have noticed that all of Malta’s drinking holes are also eateries – there’s no keeping the locals away from their snacks. But Trabuxu is more than just a snack type of place, this menu is decked out with Roasted Bone Marrow, Charcuterie Boards, Fine Select Cuts and a lot more. The wine list is also pretty extensive and the playlists that merry you on your way are the perfect companion to a nice glass of Barolo in the capital!

Best Nightclubs in Malta; for when the Night is Young!

Nightlife in Malta lives in most cities and villages, there’s always a place to get your party on but if you’re looking for an all-nighter rebellion, Paceville is your spot!

The clubs are open till super late and the crowds are all there for the music, the drinks, the dancing and the mingling! It’s a young scene with entry into clubs being 17+ and totally free. The bar hopping experience in Malta is not one to be missed – especially not these!

Club Havana, Paceville

Arguably the OG club for a certain generation, the energy and rhythm at Havana is as upbeat and cosmopolitan as it comes! The music has spanned every genre, evry era and every dance move to give its crowd the Havana experience that Paceville beams so proudly.

Claim a booth and call it base while you and your mates scurry from bar to dance floor in an epic adventure of the Malta club scene.

Gianpula Village, Haz-Zebbug

If you’re ready to voyage to a far away land, away from the Paceveille night crawl, you might want to head to Gianpula, the number one spot to get your fix of the pumped up outing you were looking for – but with far fewer teens around!

From festival spaces to clubs by the pool, indoor and outdoor clubs as well as lounges to soothe your soul; the Gianpula Village is exactly that – a village! A village dedicated to the art of partying! You’ve got to try it!

La Grotta, Munxar, Gozo

La Grotta is one of those places that is kind of like a right of passage amongst the teens of Malta and Gozo, while the Gozitan locals are lucky enough to be able to hit up this massive venue, the Maltese teens generally wait for a big event, such as Nadur Carnival Weekend and break their La Grotta virginity with a big headline act!

Set in the Munxar-Xlendi valley, this beautiful location is home to some big parties and loud music that travels so blissfully in the summer air! La Grotta is known for its fun times and good music, so if you can, check this one out while you’re in Gozo!

All Aboard for the Malta Boat Parties; they’re Amazing!

It’s quite an obvious one if you think about it, Malta and Gozo are surrounded by sea, so it makes complete sense to take the party animal to the waters with a boat party extraordinaire! What’s better than taming your boozy buzz than a jump in the Med?

With companies like Malta Pub Crawl or Lazy Pirate, where the sea and bar are both completely open and flowing the waves can quickly become your dancefloor! There’s also Juuls’ Reggae Boat Parties if that’s your thing and plenty of niche events that take place at sea to make sure you’re vibing to the right tunes as you sail from beach to beach!

What is the Best Time to Visit The Maltese Islands?

Malta is a sunny little rock, and with 300 days of sunshine you’re never really going to experience too much torment with the weather – unless 35 degree heat is not really your thing! In which case the peak summer months would best be avoided. July and August are hot with a capital H and September can be quite rough at times too.

The best times to visit are April, May and June for the spanning over from spring to summer, September and October are still attractive for swimmers and hikers, while November and December are reserved for that autumn vibe that leads into Christmas cheer! These are also school months which means the local kids will be off the beaches and sites while the adult working locals will also be pretty busy and out of your way!

What Currency Do the Maltese Islands Use?

As of January 1st 2008, Malta changed its currency from the Maltese Lira to the European Union’s official currency, the Euro. Upon joining the European Union, Malta adapted to a new way of money exchanges after having grown accustomed to the pretty Lira – also referred to as the Pound by English speaking locals. This is where aspects such as British rule still creep through the cracks in culture and custom.

And to sum it all up: Visit Malta, it’s great!

In all honesty, Malta is a fun, exciting, interesting and tantalising country to visit throughout the year, with many visitors becoming temporary or permanent residents; the people of this country have got to be doing something right!

While the climate and temperature, the cuisines, the beaches, the culture and the entertainment are all incredible driving forces to attract visitors to these Mediterranean islands, the welcoming nature and friendliness of the people here is what keeps the tourism industry alive and kicking.

Visit Malta for a vacation that’s genuine and extraordinary at the same time, through its quirks and its innovations, you’re bound to have a great summer break!


Kristina Cassar Dowling

Editor, content creator and blogger with a passion for all things creative! Published writer for 15+ years, Kristina has left her mark on quite a variety of industries; from agency life to the newspaper drive, editorial glam to the start-up hustle, her portfolio ranges far and wide. But her heart always skips a beat when the arts are involved. An expert food writer with a heavy focus on reviews, recipe creation and local guides on where to eat and what to try in the Maltese islands, Kristina's hunger for quick fix staples and extraordinary dining experiences will sort out all your pangs and cravings with one quick read. Her editorship of Air Malta's Il-Bizzilla Magazine also allowed her to fully explore her love of travel and discover the true Maltese islands. And because two content focus points aren't quite enough for her rattling brain, art and culture are always a favourite on Kristina's list, whether it's theatre reviews, artist interviews or simply a breakdown of Malta and Gozo's rich cultural heritage; she's always got something to say. At least that puts the BA in Art History to good use! Always looking for the next buzzing industry to tap into or the most iconic Malta-thing to celebrate - Kristina's writing is curated, honest and oftentimes goofy.

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