Things to Do in Rhodes, Greece

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The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes’s history and culture spans centuries. It is known for both its modern beach resorts and its ancient ruins, as well as for its wide cultural diversity. Visitors can see the influence from the Knights of Saint John from the medieval Crusades, a palace left behind by the Ottomans and later taken over by the Italians, and other elegant mansions and structures built during various other important eras of history, making holidays in Greece a worthwhile adventure!

Let’s dive in and explore what this fascinating part of Greece has to offer.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Rhodes, Greece?

Thanks to Rhodes’ typically fair weather, it is possible to visit at any time of year and find favorable conditions for exploring. The best times to arrive, though, tend to be during September and October, when the summer’s crowds have left and you have the island more or less to yourself.

Our Favorite Things to Do in Rhodes, Greece

Go to the Beach

Like most other Mediterranean islands, Rhodes is filled with lovely beaches to sunbathe on. Our favorite is St. Paul’s Beach, where you can lay back and enjoy the view of the Lindos Acropolis and the absolutely stunning, clear sea. The main beach is composed of soft sand, but on the northern side near the acropolis, there is a second beach made up of pebbles. In both places, you can find water that is calm and shallow, so people of all swimming skill levels can enjoy their time here.

Jump off a Trampoline

The Elli Beach Trampoline is a bit more hardcore than the other trampolines you’ve seen — and it is perfect for thrill-seekers. This tall, concrete diving board is located out in the middle of the sea, just waiting for visitors to climb up and jump off. Just be warned that it is is very high, though, so this particular experience is not for the faint of heart!

Watch the Sun Set Over Turkey

Wait a second, we’re talking about Rhodes, not Turkey, right? Before you scroll away, just hear me out: one of the coolest things about the island of Rhodes is its views. If there is one view in particular that you should see before you leave, it is the view of neighboring Turkey from the shoreline at sunset. You can watch the sun go down over the country, painting the skyline pink, or you can take a boat over to Turkey itself and watch from the water. Either way, it is pure magic.

Some of the Best Attractions in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes City

Heavily influenced by a number of historical periods, Rhodes City is a patchwork of architectural styles. Visitors can walk down the Street of the Knights, a road constructed during the 1400s that leads you past Gothic-style buildings and inns made for the Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, and in the western section of the town, you can see the Hammam and Sultan Mustafa Mosques, both of which were left behind by the Ottomans in the 1700s. Its cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture are surrounded by a crescent-shaped fortification and gated off from the rest of the island, making it a very interesting place to explore.

Lindos Acropolis

Dating back to the 7th century B.C. (and beyond), the Lindos Acropolis contains multiple significant locations and artifacts. Among these are the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, built in 300 B.C., which houses a heavily worshiped statue of Athena, the Propylaea of the Sanctuary from the 4th century B.C. with a staircase that leads down to an ancient Greek walkway, and a world-famous piece of art carved into stone that depicts a Rhodian warship called a trireme. You can also see the remains of a temple from the Roman empire, a Hellenistic staircase from the 2nd century B.C., and the Castle of the Knights of Saint John from the 1300s.

Kritinia Castle

On the west coast of Rhodes, Kritinia Castle was built in the Venetian style and looks out over the sea. In fact, you can get a full, 365-degree view of the whole island here (along with the Aegean Sea), as it was built, not just as a fort, but as a lookout tower. Unfortunately, much of the castle has deteriorated over time, but a lot of the outer shell of it still remains, so you can still snap some great photos of the 15th century structure.

Other Sights Worth a Visit in Rhodes, Greece

If you have the chance, Anthony Quinn Bay is also worth a visit, especially for those who love a good photo op. Purchased by famed Zorba the Greek actor Anthony Quinn around fifty years ago (and then later taken back… it’s a messy story), this rocky beach looks out onto water that is crystal clear and calm. Just be careful climbing down to the beach, the rocks can be slippery!

As you can see, to visit Rhodes is to visit the remnants of a multitude of other time periods. So make sure you pack your camera, and to be prepared to do some time traveling!


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