Best Beaches to Visit on the Maltese Islands

by Kristina Cassar Dowling
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Going to the beach in Malta is one of the easiest, and possibly cheapest, activities to treat yourself to! Whether you’re a local looking for a break from the office or a visitor to our Mediterranean islands longing for a refreshing dip in our wonderful waters – the beach is always a good idea.

In both Malta and Gozo, you will find ample swimming opportunities as you work your way around the coast. Some of our swimming zones are found in rocky beach areas while the more sought after areas are sandy stretches of bliss that require a full day of relaxation to fully enjoy! Boating in Malta is also a great way to beach hop and see the majority of the glorious beaches around all the Maltese islands.

Finding the perfect beach for you depends on the activities you wish to discover; from diving to snorkelling, beach sports and waters sports or pure sunbathing glory – tanning oil included; Malta’s got you covered!

Top 9 Sandy Beaches on Malta Coast

Gnejna Bay, Mgarr, Malta

Gnejna Bay is an often forgotten beach that gives swimmers variety in its sandy and rocky offering. The largest span of swimmable area is dominated by a glorious red sand that local kids use to build the tallest of sand castles while the adults sunbathe, enjoy a beer at the nearby kiosk and throw a frisbee around to relive their childhood.

The best spot to set up your lounging area in Gnejna Bay is towards the centre of the sandy beach since there are no rocks in the shallow area. Gnejna Bay also boasts some scenic walks for those ready to get some cardio in.

Choose this beach for family fun, canoeing, boat trips, beach bites, adventure and pure relaxation.

Qarraba Bay, Mgarr, Malta

Speaking of boat trips, you can easily make your way to Qarraba Bay with a quick boat ride from Gnejna Bay. Alternatively you can take a canoe and paddle your way straight up to Qarraba Bay’s shore or you can make your way on foot with a short climb down to the beach through a rocky narrow path near Gnejna Bay carpark.

Qarraba Bay is known as Malta’s Nudist Beach, where bathers can get a 360-tan without any bikini lines! Nude bathing is illegal in Malta but within this area bathers tend to look the other way – figuratively and literally!

Riviera Martinique, Mellieha, Malta

Probably one of Malta’s most beautiful beaches and a favourite amongst the surfing community. Riviera Martinique might be a little daunting to some due to the long staircase that takes you to this beach blessed with unobstructed views and the perfect sunset location.

At Riviera Martinique you will find a long stretch of sand that is enclosed within a valley creating some of the most tranquil vibes on the island. It’s ideal for a permit-requiring beach BBQ but also features a restaurant to the right of the beach.

Golden Bay, Mellieha, Malta

Right next to Riviera Martinique is Golden Bay, a family-friendly beach that packs in all the fun of summer! There’s a large span of sand, so calling an area your own shouldn’t be a problem! Golden Bay is ideal for long days in the sun but an umbrella is definitely a good idea on this visit!

There’s a kiosk that will sort you out with drinks and snacks plus there’s a boating centre just a few metres from the kiosk to add some more fun to your day! Do be careful when swimming at Golden Bay, the currents can be stronger than you expect, so always swim with a buddy or keep your wits about you!

Armier Bay, Mellieha, Malta

Armier Bay is perfect for pretty much everyone! With wheelchair accessibility getting you to the back row of the many sunbeds popped on the beach and direct access to the beach resort where you can sort out your breakfast, lunch or dinner in no time!

There’s also a water sports centre where you can run wild with jet skis and other water activities! Armier Bay is a great spot to canoe from if you’re hoping to get yourself to the Coral Lagoon for a beyond-words incredible experience!

Little Armier, Mellieha, Malta

This cute beach is perfect for a quick dip or a beach hopping adventure! Equipped with a nearby kiosk and quite a stupendous view of Comino, Little Armier is one that will brighten up your day with its simplicity and rather quiet vibes.

Little Armier is a great spot to drop anchor too if you are travelling the Maltese seas by boat. The crystal clear water makes it ideal for snorkelling by your boat, enjoying some sun time or even using the deck of your rental boat as a diving spot!

Ghadira Bay, Mellieha, Malta

Probably Malta’s most famous beach and definitely the largest. Ghadira Bay is situated in Mellieha and is the perfect stopping point before you make your way to Gozo. With a huge shore and shallow waters that go out for miles, you will feel super safe and relaxed if you’re beach going with your kids!

Ghadira Bay is the pinnacle of beaches in Malta because of the variety it brings. From inflatable bouncy castles and obstacle courses set on the sea, water sport activities, some great restaurants and tonnes of sunbathing room, this might become your summer favourite for fun in the sun!

Paradise Bay, Mellieha, Malta

A gem that is skipped by locals due to the long stone staircase that takes you to the beach. It’s no problem going down, but trekking back up might be a hassle if you don’t pack well. But it’s safe to say that a trip to Paradise Bay is just, well… paradise!

Watch the local kids play with the clay on the far left of the bay while the adults scatter across the sand or chill out in the kiosk that sits above the beach. There’s a cool and young vibe at Paradise Bay, surely not one to miss when you’re in Malta.

Pretty Bay, Marsaxlokk, Malta

You might have thought that Malta reserved all its sand for the Northern Region, and you are mostly correct apart from a few scattered sandy segments throughout the island, Pretty Bay in Marsaxlokk being one of them.

If you happen to be in the South of Malta and are in desperate need for a sandy beach, Pretty Bay will sort out all your needs! Just pop a towel onto the sand, kick back and relax, taking in all that energising sun followed by a nice fish meal in Malta’s number one fishing village!

Top 6 Must Visit Rocky Beaches in Malta

Anchor Bay, Mellieha, Malta

Ideal for paddle boarding and snorkelling, Anchor Bay is set along the Popeye’s Village scene set and offers crystal clear waters that will melt your heart. Talk about that Insta shot!

Mistra Bay, Xemxija, Malta

The brackish water in this inland valley is a great alternative to the salty beaches that you can’t help but avoid! Mistra Bay in Xemxija is a great spot for a refreshing jump or to moor your boat and enjoy the scenes.

Bugibba Front, Bugibba, Malta

Walking along the Bugibba Front is a tease if you don’t have your swimming gear on you. Always be prepared in Malta’s Summer (or Spring and sometimes Autumn) for the possibility of that cheeky jump in the sea. Really, there’s nothing like it after a few drinks at the pub or a day of sightseeing!

Qawra Point, Qawra, Malta

Much like Bugibba Front, Qawra Point has great swimming potential. There’s a reggae bar called Ta’ Fra Ben that you can settle in after a couple of hours snorkelling or swimming in the deep open sea!

Fond Ghadir, Sliema, Malta

Fond Ghadir in Sliema is the go-to place for locals and those of neighbouring areas. With cool bars to keep you entertained in between swimming sessions and clean open waters to make sure there’s enough room for everyone. You can also get your adrenaline running with a great jump and dive spot where you’ll see a bunch of young locals having a blast – that’s where you should head to to give it a go!

Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema, Malta

A stone’s throw from Fond Ghadir is Qui-Si-Sana, a quieter area that often attracts families and a few sunbathing visitors to Malta who park themselves wherever the sun is! The Sliema Promenade is ideal for swimming and is the perfect spot to visit due to the extremely well-connected bus route!

Ghar Lapsi, Siggiewi, Malta

The water in Ghar Lapsi is a marvellous blue-green and as clean as ever! The area is close to Blue Grotto and not too far from Filfla. If you’re local you know what that means, you think about it but you still enjoy the beautiful swim zone. And for those of you who don’t know the chat about Blue Grotto and Filfla, many, many… many moons ago the island’s largest Great White was caught here – but that’s not happened again for heaps of years!

Top 7 Holiday Mode Beaches in Gozo

Hondoq ir-Rummien, Qala, Gozo

A boat friendly beach that offers some great water sports activities and a whole lot of sandcastle-building time! Grab a sunbed, some freshly cooked food and enjoy the sun – or if you’re up for an adventure, get your scuba on with nearby dive sites ready for you in Hondoq ir-Rummien!

Mgarr ix-Xini, Ghajnsielem, Gozo

Chosen as the site for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s By the Sea, this scenic spot is best known for its tranquillity and relaxation properties! Also featuring water sports and nearby dive sites, this rocky beach is perfect to adventure in with snorkel gear too! Mgarr ix-Xini is one pretty beach!

Ramla l-Hamra, Xaghra, Gozo

Known for its glorious red sandy beaches, Ramla l-Hamra is all about the good life in Gozo! The breeze always seems to hit just right, the shallow waters get deeper and deeper as you walk away into the horizon as the sun sets! There’s nothing quite like a day at this iconic Gozitan beach!

San Blas Bay, Nadur, Gozo

You’ll need to get ready to trek if you’re hoping to swim, snorkel and adventure in the gorgeous San Blas Bay. There’s quite a long hill down – and consequently up – to and from this bay, but if you’re lucky you can bum a ride with the local 4×4 offering to take keen swimmers up and down the hill for a small price!

Wied il-Ghasri, Zebbug, Gozo

If you’ve ever dreamed of paradise, this is it! Wied il-Ghasri is tucked into the cliffs of Zebbug, Gozo. With the mermaid-like qualities of this small valley, you can let your imagination run wild and encapture all your senses. Sit on the large rocky pebbles and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Marsalforn Bay, Marsalforn, Gozo

Classic and simple. This beach is nothing too special to write home about but it’s as iconic as it gets in Gozo’s culture. Swim with all the other locals and visitors though the sandy beach access or take a sneaky little walk to the left or right of the beach to dive off from a cement patch that boasts the cleanest and clearest waters of Marsalforn Bay.

Dwejra Inland Sea, San Lawrenz, Gozo

Once home to one of the most wondrous of sights in Gozo and set to HBO’s Game of Thrones, the Dwejra area was one embellished by the glorious Azure Window. But even without this natural beauty, Dwejra Inland Sea is one of the most exciting places to swim, snorkel and deep dive!

The Top 4 Glorious Beaches in Comino

Blue Lagoon, Comino

Who hasn’t heard of this divine beach? Who hasn’t dreamt of swimming in the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon? Get to the Blue Lagoon by ferry, by rental self-drive boats or brave it out and canoe it across from Gozo or Malta – but whatever you do – get there! There’s nothing better in the Maltese summer than a day at Blue Lagoon!

Crystal Lagoon, Comino

Clear, clean and tranquil! The Crystal Lagoon was made for relaxation and what an experience you can enjoy in this serene location! You can only get here with boat access, so maybe a boat trip is in your Malta adventure! Pack your camera or smartphone case – you’re going to want to take some underwater photos!

St Nicholas Bay, Comino

Ready to get your snorkel on? St Nicholas Bay is your spot then! The waters are just as clear, the energy just as invigorating but the beach – far less populated than Blue Lagoon. Your summer plans on St Nicholas Bay are 100% swimming-based, but if you want to get your steps in, the area is perfect for some light hiking!

Santa Maria Bay, Comino

This sandy beach once again offers the perks of the Comino waters with a few less swimmers, bathers and snorkelers around! Ideal for those who are looking to enjoy the views, take in the rays and maybe have a splash with family and friends!

Top 3 Dog Friendly Beaches in Malta

And if you’re looking for a swimming zone for man’s best friend to enjoy a dip too, why not check out these top 3 dog friendly beaches in Malta. Bringing your dog on holiday to Malta is A-OK, and taking them to these spots will make it all worth the hassle.

L-Ghazzenin Bay, St Paul’s Bay, Malta

L-Ghazzenin translated as “The Lazy Ones” – not exactly a lie there as this area is uber relaxed! The rocky slipway is the perfect place to take your pooch for a little cool down in the summer’s heat! You can then cool yourself down with a nice jump into the sea or an ice-cold beer at Simenta Kiosk.

Imgiebah Bay, Mellieha Bay, Malta

A sandy beach in Selmun that is often frequented by happy doggos and non-dog-owners alike. Secluded from the main coast, Imgiebah Bay is a great spot to spend the day. You will need to bring your own snacks and drinks though, as there are no kiosks within walking distance – so pack some water and doggy biscuits for your pup too!

Bahar ic-Caghaq Bay, Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta

There are two sections you can visit in Bahar ic-Caghaq depending on who’s taking priority; you or your dog. The sandy beach is ideal for your dog to run into with full access for you to give them a hand if needed, and the rocky area just behind Splash and Fun Water Park offers open-water wonders! The clear waters here are unreal!

And there you have it! The best beaches to visit in Malta, Gozo and Comino to set you up with the ways of the beaches in true Maltese style!


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