Things to Do on the Island of Comino, Malta

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At just 3.5 square kilometers, Comino is the smallest of the three main islands that make up the Maltese Island group. It is located between Gozo and Malta, and offers visitors once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to go swimming, snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. Once a defensive post and hunting ground for Malta’s famous Knights of St. John, it has also acted as a base for pirates, making it a place of great interest to those with a strong spirit of adventure.

Let’s take a look at just some of the things you can do on the Island of Comino.

What Is the Best Time to Visit the Island of Comino, Malta?

Like most of the popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, the best time to visit the Island of Comino is during the shoulder seasons. Arriving in either May and June or September and October will give you the chance to explore the island without the large influx of visitors it usually sees in the summer, as well as with more comfortable temperatures.

Our Favorite Things to Do on the Island of Comino, Malta

Check Out the Caves

Comino is perhaps most famous for its Blue Lagoon (more on that below), but it also has multiple other water features, some of which also give access to numerous sea caves. These caves are fascinating enough on their own and make a great place to explore, but true adventurers will be even more excited to learn that one of them, Santa Marija Cave, not only has an indoor pool, but was also once used by pirates as a place to hide treasure.

Go Camping

Also in Santa Marija, outdoorsy types can go camping far from the rest of civilization. Lie out under the stars, surrounded by trees as the soft, soothing sound of the sea wafts up from the nearby beach. For those who aren’t quite ready to fully rough it, don’t worry: there are plenty of well-maintained shower and bathroom facilities in the designated camping area, so you don’t have to leave all the comforts of city life behind.

Get in the Water

The water in Comino is a truly spectacular shade of clear blue, and you will surely be dying to dive in as soon as you catch sight of it. There are plenty of places to swim and snorkel here, and there are huge amounts of fish, coral, and other little life forms to be seen beneath the surface. Blue Lagoon is the most popular place to enjoy the water, but Crystal Lagoon offers even deeper, more intensely blue waters to swim in.

Some of the Best Attractions on the Island of Comino, Malta

These are just some of the best attractions in Malta, for the full list we recommend checking out our country tag Malta.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is by far and away the most popular attraction in Comino. Its crystal clear, turquoise waters are so beautiful that you won’t want to stop wanting to take photos long enough to take a dip in them. Spend your time here on the beach gazing at the incredible scenery, which includes towering cliffs that enclose the lagoon, or dive in to do some swimming or snorkeling among the colorful fish.

Comino Tower

Also known as Saint Mary’s Tower, the Comino Tower stands tall on the island and can be clearly seen, not just by those who are present on Comino itself, but also from the islands of Gozo and Malta as well. It was constructed in 1618 and was used as a watchtower by Malta’s Armed Forces all the way up until 2002. Now, it is run by the island’s cultural heritage preservation group, and almost all of its original features have been restored and put on display for the public. Movie fans may also recognize it from the 2002 film The Count of Monte Cristo starring Jim Caviezel, where it was appeared as the Château d’If prison.

Saint Mary’s Battery

Built by the Knights of St. John around 1715, Saint Mary’s Battery or the Comino Battery is another fortification one can see in Comino. Like Comino Tower, it was built as a means of protecting Comino and the other Maltese Islands from attacks, this time coming from the South Comino Channel. It is laid out in a semi-circle, with a gun platform, canons, and a blockhouse where ammunition was kept. This structure, too, has been restored, and can be explored by visitors at any time of year.

Other Sights Worth a Visit on the Island of Comino, Malta

The beauty of this small island is that it isn’t large, so you can walk around and see lots of things that may not be listed in travel books. Bring your walking shoes and start hiking among the cliffs and in the caves, most of which are off the beaten path and full of unique things to discover.

That being said, even if you plan to visit Comino in the off-seasons, it is still wise to bring a bring lots of water with you too — with so many warm, sunny days per year (300 on average) it’s easy to get overheated while you’re wrapped up in your exploration!

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