Things to Do in Protaras, Cyprus

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Known for its stunning, sunny beaches, Protaras is a popular resort town on the southeastern coast of Cyprus. Like much of the rest of this island country, visitors can also take a step back into history and explore Hellenistic tombs and other artifacts left behind from ancient times while also enjoying its natural beauty. This city a big draw for tourists, who will find numerous high-capacity hotels and condos to stay in and even more restaurants and pubs to frequent.

Let’s take a look at what all Protaras has to offer and the best time to go.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Protaras, Cyprus?

With its Mediterranean climate, it’s possible to find good weather any time you visit Protaras, regardless of what time of year you arrive. Temperatures are hottest in the summer, but beach bums will still want to visit then because it is the best time to go swimming in the beautiful blue water. July and August are great choices because the weather is dry and sunny, but those who want to avoid crowds might want to wait for September.

Our Favorite Things to Do in Protaras, Cyprus

Try Some “Amezeng” Meze

In other countries, meze is an assortment of small appetizers, but in Protaras, these small dishes make up a full meal. Little plates of delicious local delicacies like olives, bread with humus, taramasalata, or tahini dips, grilled vegetables, kalamari (squid), and grilled halloumi cheese will fill you up while giving you a chance to sample everything the island has to offer. The best place to get meze is the local taverna, where you can also enjoy some roasted lamb or kebabs.

Go Swimming in Sirena Bay

There are numerous places to take a dip in Protaras, but our favorite might just be Sirena Bay. Unlike all the other big, popular beaches here, this little strip of sand is hidden from the rest of the island, making it a great place to escape. The trees hanging over the water block the view from the road and eliminate the need for beach umbrellas, and the waters are calm and shallow, so this is a very relaxing, isolated place to swim.

Try Scuba Diving

Thanks to its warm climate and warm sea water, the island of Cyprus has a longer diving season than the entirety of the rest of Europe. Between March and November, veteran and beginner divers alike can come to Protaras and enjoy the pleasantly warm water, beneath which you can swim with sea turtles, explore underwater canyons, and visit the sunken shipwreck of the MS Zenobia, which sank in 1980. If you’re a scuba diver, then Protaras will definitely shine as one of the best vacation spots in Cyprus.

Some of the Best Attractions in Protaras, Cyprus

Fig Tree Bay

Even if you haven’t heard much about Protaras, chances are high that you have heard about Fig Tree Bay. This is the city’s most famous beach (and once took the title of the third best beach in Europe), located on the eastern portion of the peninsula. Its powdery sand is white, and the area is known for its sparkling waters, on which you can water-ski, go parasailing, or go windsurfing. The beach gets its name from the fig trees along the coast, and its vegetation in general makes it a particularly lovely beach to see while its relatively shallow, waist-deep water makes it a good spot for the whole family to enjoy.

Church of Profitis Ilias

The Church of Profitis Ilias (Also known as the Church of Saint Elias) is located just slightly outside the main tourist zone of Protaras. Although it was built in 1984, it looks like it was built much earlier, with its Byzantine architecture and its fascinating stone walls. To get to the chapel, you must climb 153 steps, but once you get to the top, the panoramic view of all of Protaras will make you forget all about your tired feet.

Ayia Napa

The Ayia Napa area is a bit of a contraction. In one section, young folks can party down at the town square, where there are 12 nightclubs and a whopping 80 bars to visit, most of which are completely packed with party people from all over Europe between June and August. In another section, you can see the Ayia Napa Monastery, a Venetian-style structure built from limestone 500 years ago. Visitors can come here to worship, and couples can come here to touch its Virgin Mary statue, which is said to help those struggling to conceive a child. According to the locals, there have been many miracle babies that resulted from this!

Other Sights Worth a Visit in Protaras, Cyprus

There are far too many great bays and beaches in Protaras to fit into this one post, but we also recommend taking a trip to the family-friendly Konnos Bay, party beach Nissi in Aiya Napa, and Cape Greco, located in a natural park.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a good time, good food, or good luck, you will find it all here in Protaras, Cyprus.

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